Bei Xiaodao

Bei Xiaodao
0.351 km²
Coastline: 3.611 km
Landform: Plains
208 / km²
Herbaceous Cover

Welcome to Bei Xiaodao, a Tropical island in the Eastern China Sea, part of the majestic Pacific Ocean. This guide offers a comprehensive overview of what makes Bei Xiaodao unique – from its geography and climate to its population, infrastructure, and beyond. Dive into the details:

Geography and size of Bei Xiaodao

Size: 0.351 km²
Coastline: 3.6 km
Ocean: Pacific Ocean
Sea: Eastern China Sea
Continent: Asia

Bei Xiaodao is a Tiny Island spanning 0.4 km² with a coastline of 3.6 km.


Tectonic Plate: Yangtze – A minor tectonic plate in East Asia, often considered a part of the Eurasian Plate. It’s primarily continental and covers the Yangtze River area in China.

The geographic heart of the island is pinpointed at these coordinates:
Latitude: 25.72985272 / Longitude: 123.54191279

Climate and weather of Bei Xiaodao

Climate Zone: Tropical
Climate Details: Tropical Rainforest Climate
Temperature: Hot

Climate Characteristics: This climate is typified by heavy rainfall throughout the year, high humidity, and consistently high temperatures, leading to lush rainforests and rich biodiversity. Seasonal temperature variations are minimal.

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Bei Xiaodao

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Icon Filled SVG Temp: 25 / 27 / 27 | Icon Filled SVG Wind: 9 km/h | Icon Filled SVG Clouds: 10 % | Icon Filled SVG Humidity: 79 % | Icon Filled SVG Rain: 1 mm | Icon Filled SVG Snow: 0 mm

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5 Weather Icon Filled SVGTemp Wind Clouds Humidity Rain Snow
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22 Weather Icon Filled SVG27°15358500
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05 Weather Icon Filled SVG26°1318600
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25 / 26 / 27
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26 ℃
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22 ℃
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22 / 24 / 25
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24 ℃

Weather alerts are retrieved

Weather alerts are retrieved

Topography and nature of Bei Xiaodao

Timezone: UTC+09:00
Timezone places: Asia/Tokyo
Max. Elevation: -10 m
Mean Elevation: -18 m
Vegetation: Herbaceous Cover
Tree Coverage: 0%

The mean elevation is -18 m. Remarkably, this unique island barely emerges above the sea level, showcasing nature’s fascinating interplay with the ocean. The island is characterized by Plains: Flat, low-lying lands characterized by a maximum elevation of up to 200 meters.

Dominating Vegetation: Herbaceous Cover
Comprising mainly of grasses, herbs, and ferns, these areas are common in prairies, meadows, and savannas, and can vary widely in species composition. Bei Xiaodao has a tree cover of 0 %.

Vegetation: 2 vegetation zones – Low Diversity Island
This island has two distinct vegetation zones, offering a slight ecological variety that may result from elevation changes or varied moisture levels.

Infrastructure and Travelling to Bei Xiaodao

The mean population of Bei Xiaodao is 208 per km². Bei Xiaodao is Moderately Inhabited. The island belongs to Japan.

Japan is classified as Developed region: G7: Group of Seven – Major advanced economies, including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The level of income is High income: OECD.

Continuing your journey, Yonaguni-jima is the next notable island, situated merely 154 km away.

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Does the island have a public airport with scheduled flights? no.
There is no public and scheduled airport on Bei Xiaodao. The nearest airport is Yonaguni Airport, located 153 km away.

Does the island have a major port? no.
There are no major ports on Bei Xiaodao. The closest major port is ISHIGAKI, approximately 170 km away.

Please note: The data used here has been primarily extracted from satellite readings. Deviations from exact values may occur, particularly regarding population density, the height of elevations, land area, and coastline measurements. The latter refers to average values at mean high tide.

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