11.663 km²
Coastline: 29.672 km
Landform: Mountains
Tree Cover: 91%
Snow and Ice Covered

Welcome to Nyø, a Polar island in the North Atlantic Ocean, part of the majestic Atlantic Ocean. This guide offers a comprehensive overview of what makes Nyø unique – from its geography and climate to its population, infrastructure, and beyond. Dive into the details:

Geography and size of Nyø

Size: 11.663 km²
Coastline: 29.7 km
Ocean: Atlantic Ocean
Sea: North Atlantic Ocean
Continent: North America

Nyø is a Medium Island spanning 11.7 km² with a coastline of 29.7 km.


Tectonic Plate: North America – Covers North America and parts of the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, characterized by diverse geological features and varying levels of seismic activity.

The geographic heart of the island is pinpointed at these coordinates:
Latitude: 67.11216954 / Longitude: -33.50991085

Climate and weather of Nyø

Climate Zone: Polar
Climate Details: Tundra
Temperature: Cold

Climate Characteristics: The tundra climate features long, extremely cold winters and short, cool summers. Vegetation is limited to mosses, lichens, and small shrubs due to the low temperatures and short growing seasons. Biodiversity is low, but some specialized species thrive.

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Weather alerts are retrieved

Topography and nature of Nyø

Timezone: UTC-03:00
Timezone places: America/Sao_Paulo
Max. Elevation: 705 m
Mean Elevation: 303 m
Vegetation: Snow and Ice Covered
Tree Coverage: 91%

The mean elevation is 303 m. The highest elevation on the island reaches approximately 705 meters above sea level. The island is characterized by Mountains: High, steeply elevated landforms. Characterized by both a high maximum elevation and a high mean elevation. Rugged, mountainous terrains.

Dominating Vegetation: Snow and Ice Covered
Permanently or seasonally covered in snow and ice, with little to no vegetation, such as polar regions and high mountains. Nyø has a tree cover of 91 %.

Vegetation: 4 vegetation zones – Diverse Island
With four distinct vegetation zones, this island is a showcase of ecological diversity, supporting a rich biodiversity.

Infrastructure and Travelling to Nyø

The mean population of Nyø is 0 per km². Nyø is Untouched Wilderness. The island belongs to Denmark.

Denmark is classified as Developed region: nonG7: Developed economies outside of the Group of Seven, characterized by high income and advanced economic structures. The level of income is High income: OECD.

Continuing your journey, Milait is the next notable island, situated merely 5 km away.

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Does the island have a public airport with scheduled flights? no.
There is no public and scheduled airport on Nyø. The nearest airport is Sermiligaaq Heliport, located 340 km away.

Does the island have a major port? no.
There are no major ports on Nyø. The closest major port is BILDUDALUR, approximately 1107 km away.

Please note: The data used here has been primarily extracted from satellite readings. Deviations from exact values may occur, particularly regarding population density, the height of elevations, land area, and coastline measurements. The latter refers to average values at mean high tide.

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